Hello! I'm Geneva Bowers, a self-taught illustrator based in Western North Carolina. I love manipulating color and adding whimsy with a touch of realism and calm.

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Company Highlights
Netflix, Dreamworks Animation, WildBrain Studios, Disney Animation, Amazon Prime Video, Epic Games

2018 Hugo Awards Winner
2018 BSFA Awards nomination

Publishing Highlights
HoverGirls - author / illustrator. Releasing 2024
I Have a Superpower - illustrator, written by Steph Curry. 2022
Curls / Glow - illustrator, written by Ruth Forman. Both 2021
Medium - various header illustrations. 2019
The Dragon Thief - illustrator, written by Zetta Elliott. 2019
Beyonce: Shine Your Light - illustrator, written by Sarah Warren.2019
Just South of Home - illustrator (cover only), written by Karen Strong. 2019
Dragons in a Bag - illustrator, written by Zetta Elliott.  2018
Fiyah Literary Magazine - cover illustrator. 2017

Self Pub:
HoverGirls (webcomic) - author / illustrator. Completed 2019
Weightless - author / illustrator. 2021